How to Make Protein Fluff

How to Make Protein Fluff

It is no secret that I love making my high-volume, low-calorie, protein-packed recipes here on MacroChef. This one is no different, and inspired by my Anabolic Protein Ice Cream, we have this tutorial on How to Make Protein Fluff recipe.

The BEST Protein Fluff

how to make protein fluff

Well, it is just as it sounds. Protein fluff. In reality, it is almost like a protein ice cream, but fluffier and more voluminous. It has an almost mousse like texture, and you can customize in so many different ways.

Different people will make it slightly differently, but there is one thing for sure, you will enjoy it no matter what flavor combinations you use.

What is protein fluff?

It really is one of the most simple recipes you can make. All you need are 4-ingredients for my recipe, a powerful food processor, and about 5 minutes of patience.

I noted that you need to use a food processor, and that is imperative for this recipe. A blender will work, but it really won't fluff up as you see here in this recipe. The food processor whips it up more than a blender will due to the wider base and larger blades.

How to make protein fluff?

I use this food processor here, but almost any large food processor will do the trick. This is a 14-cup food processor, and you really do use all the space it has because despite this recipe only having 250 calories, it will make 2.5-3 liters (10-12 cups) of protein fluff.

It is almost like cheating on a diet because you get so much volume, so much flavor, for so few calories.

Step 1 - add everything to food processor

Add all your ingredients to a food processor. You can see here what I used

  1. Frozen berries
  2. Unsweetened almond milk
  3. Ice
  4. Macro1 Nutrition ONE Protein (whey + casein blend protein powder)

Step 2 - process / blend

The great thing about using a food processor is that you turn it on and pretty much just let it do all the work. You really don't need to scrape the sides or do any mixing in the middle. I typically just add all the ingredients, turn it on, go do something for 5 mins and come back to a huge bowl that is ready to eat.

protein fluff recipe

Step 3 - add any desired toppings and enjoy!

In this recipe, I added some mini chocolate chips to the top because that is what I had on hand, but you can, of course, add any desired toppings! Peanut butter (or peanut flour) on top would be delicious!

protein fluff 

Check out the video tutorial to make it!

1 cup (150g) frozen berries
1 cup (240mL) unsweetened almond milk
1 cup (150g) ice
1 scoop (34g) Macro1 Nutrition ONE Protein, vanilla🍦
*Please use @macro1nutrition ONE Protein, or another whey + casein blend in this for the super creamy texture you don't get with they.
  1. Add all ingredients to a large food processor. MUST use a food processor to get the super high volume fluff. A blender doesn't quite whip it up the same.
  2. Process for about 5 mins or until super voluminous and fluffy. Top with any desired toppings and enjoy!
  3. Top with extra oreos and enjoy.
🔥Macros (per 1 massive serving): 250 calories, 28 protein, 27 carbs, 5 fat

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