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Low Calorie Oreo Protein Lava Cake

You have all been around here and seen these recipes enough to know how much I love chocolate and gooey desserts. Well, this one is no different. It has just about everything you could want in a quick, easy, protein-packed dessert. It is gooey, low calorie, loaded with chocolate, and ready in a couple of minutes. This is the Low Calorie Oreo Protein Lava Cake.

Low Calorie Oreo Protein Lava Cake

One of my favorite parts about this recipe is that I can have a delicious chocolate cake ready in minutes. There are only a few ingredients you need and no baking required. Making a delicious protein lava cake doesn't get much easier than this. 

Only 4 ingredients for this protein lava cake 

And I guess a 5th ingredient if you count the Oreos, but for the base cake there are only 4 ingredients!

Step 1 - mix all the ingredients together

Add all your ingredients to a bowl. It doesn't take much with just the 4 ingredients. Mix it all up until you get a smooth batter to form. 

This is where you need to make sure you are using a whey + casein blend protein powder like our ONE Protein. This recipe will NOT work with a pure whey protein. It absorbs water and cooks much differently than a whey + casein blend. 

ingredients in bowllava cake batter

Step 2 - add to a mug or bowl and microwave! 

Spray a mug or small ramekin with nonstick spray. Pour your batter into the bowl and microwave. Because of the baking soda which makes it rise a ton, but also necessary for the lava cake texture, you want to microwave for short spurts. 

I microwaved for 30 seconds, then again on 15 second intervals until I reached the desired doneness. You want to cook for a total of about 60 seconds for a really gooey lava cake in the center, and you can cook closer to 2 minutes if you want more of a cooked cake texture. 

Step 3 - add Oreos and devour! 

This is the best part. Crush a few extra Oreo cookies on top and dig in! The lava cake texture is unreal, and your friends won't even be able to believe there is no flour, butter or eggs in this recipe. 

That is the beauty of using our ONE Protein, it bakes and cooks like no other protein on the market. Make sure to grab your chocolate protein for this recipe

oreo protein lava cake

Check out the recipe below and enjoy this one my friends! 

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