#1 Baking and Cooking Protein!

ONE Protein - Baking Protein
  • Superior whey + casein blend

  • 24g protein per serving

  • 6g naturally occurring BCAA's 

  • Added digestive enzymes

  • Best baking / cooking protein

  • $1 shipping in continental US

ONE Protein is a premium whey + casein blend that tastes amazing, filled with the highest quality protein and amino acids, added digestive enzymes, and superior baking ability. Macro Supps ONE Protein can do it all! It is the ONE and ONLY protein you will ever need! Guaranteed. †


WHAT is Macro supps ONE protein? 

In a nutshell, after trying almost all of the protein powders on the market, we wanted the best all around protein out there. We wanted it to be versatile, delicious, amazing for baking, and able to be used anytime of day. After extensive testing and research, we achieved just that with ONE Protein

  • 24 grams of protein, 6 grams of naturally occurring BCAA's and 13 grams of naturally occurring EAA's to help you recover faster, build more muscle and get the most out of every training session.† 

  • Digestive enzymes to help you get the most out of your food. Not only will the enzymes help your body to absorb the protein (& amino acids) better, but it will also help solve any issues you might have with bloating / gas commonly associate with protein powder!†

  • Due to they whey + casein blend, you can bake better protein treats than ever before. Whether is is brownies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, or your post workout smoothies, ONE Protein has you covered!




We are committed to making a few of the best supplements on the market so you don't waste your money on a bunch of unnecessary ones. Nutrition is simple, and we believe that a few key supplements are all you need. ONE Greens and ONE Protein are so versatile that you won't need any other brand!


We got fed up with supplement industry lies, proprietary blends, and false claims. We promise to always be 100% transparent with our label and ingredients. No proprietary blends, no false advertising. What you see on our labels is exactly what you get, nothing more and nothing less. 


Science-backed ingredients to give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Our ingredients were specifically selected and chosen after extensive research and trusted data from top sources including Harvard, MayoClinic, and more. 

#1 Baking and cooking protein

Thanks to the premium blend of 50% whey and 50% casein, you won't find a better protein shaking🥛, brownie baking🍫, cookie making🍪 protein on the market!†


Over and over again, research shows that protein blends are superior to pure whey protein in terms of fat loss and muscle gain / retention. This is because a whey + casein blend is better for protein synthesis. 

Studies have proved adding casein to whey protein enables the amino acids from casein to continually supply the muscles long after the amino acids from whey were used up. Amino acid retention in the muscles studied was much higher 4 hours later when amino acid retention from just whey was barely noticeable. 

This slower digestion of casein essentially prolongs the anabolic stimulus initiated by the whey protein, which leads to greater muscle growth.


Combining protein powder with digestive enzymes is key to make sure your body can break down protein molecules into smaller peptides and amino acids that can be readily absorbed and used for muscle growth (hypertrophy) and repair.

Our digestive enzyme blend contains everything you need to get the most out of ONE Protein from the 3 vital enzyme varieties:

  1. Amylases: breaks down carbs into simple sugars
  2. Lipases: break down fat into glycerol and three different fatty acids 
  3. Proteases: breaks down proteins into peptides and then amino acids

Although our bodies naturally produce digestive enzymes, many people experience poor digestion for a variety of reasons. Supplemental digestive enzymes can be very helpful for people who have digestive issues. Say goodbye to protein farts and bloating!†

6g Naturally occurring BCAA's

Macro Supps ONE Protein has 6g of naturally occurring BCAA's in conjunction with over 13g of essential amino acids (EAA's). The combination is what makes it so effective at helping you to recover, build muscle, and keep improving workout after workout

It’s not that BCAA’s are ineffective, it’s that they need other amino acids to work to their full capacity. There are 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) that your body can’t produce on its own, meaning you need to get them from your diet. Taking BCAAs without the other EAAs found in protein powder (or other sources) is simply a waste of money.  

Moral of the story? Getting your amino acids from a protein source such as our ONE Protein powder, meat, dairy, etc. is much more optimal than a BCAA supplement.

for anytime of day

You shouldn't need to have a morning protein, post workout protein, and before bed protein. Enough of the protein confusion. ONE Protein was formulated with simplicity in mind. Delicious protein for anytime of day! 

made for anyone

Whether you are an endurance athlete, lifetime bodybuilder, dancer, powerlifter, or just beginning your fitness journey, ONE Protein is for you! 


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